(Alliance News) - MicroSalt PLC on Wednesday celebrated its first placement into the food service sector, with Carma Hospitality Group.

MicroSalt is a London-based producer of low-sodium salt products, while Carma is a hospitality group with a chain of 12 restaurants across Montreal, Canada.

"Inclusion of our low sodium solution with the Carma Hospitality Group is a great endorsement of our ability to provide a low sodium yet tasty solution. It demonstrates the wide appeal of Microsalt and offers a real-world example of our potential in the foodservice channel," said Chief Executive Officer Rick Guiney.

"The restaurants within the Carma Hospitality Group represent some of the best food establishments in Montreal and we are extremely proud to be affiliated with their culinary team. We also expect that this [relationship with/endorsement by] Carma will result in other restauranteurs embracing our critically needed product."

MicroSalt shares were trading 7.1% higher at 74.45 pence each in London on Wednesday morning.

By Holly Beveridge, Alliance News reporter

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