VR Equitypartner GmbH and BIP Investment Partners S.A. agreed to acquire Leuna-Tenside Gmbh on July 27, 2015. Kiril Mateew, Managing Director will remain with LEUNA Tensid. Leuna-Tenside Gmbh reported turnover of €52 million.

The deal is subject to approval from the Federal Competition Authority. Isabelle Winkel, Barbara Geck, André Zimmermann, Axel Walz, Caroline von Nussbaum, Massimo Bellitto-Grillo, Sabine Schomaker, Tilman Siebert, Michaela Westrup, Wolfgang von Schönborn, Ulf Gosejacob, Michael Beyer, Michael Kreft, Barbara Geck, Franz Schaefer, Christoph Brenner, Bernhard Schmaderer, Adrian Dengler and Corina Hackbarth of King & Wood Mallesons and Ulrich Siegemund and Tilo Künstler of Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft acted as legal advisors for VR Equitypartner. Michael Roos of RoosLegal acted as legal advisor for BIP Investment.