Bitdeer Technologies Group announced a strategic partnership with NVIDIA Corporation. This collaboration heralds the launch of Bitdeer AI Cloud, setting the stage for a new era in cloud computing and AI capabilities from Bitdeer. Bitdeer has been a force in the Bitcoin mining industry since its establishment in 2018 by Jihan Wu and is in the process of rapidly building its GPU cloud business.

NVIDIA, renowned for its advances in AI and graphics, brings to the partnership its hardware and software capabilities by designating Bitdeer as a Preferred member of the NVIDIA Partner Network. This collaboration represents a melding of Bitdeer's cloud computing experience with NVIDIA's AI and machine learning expertise, setting the stage for developments in cloud services. Bitdeer's new status as a Preferred Cloud Service Provider in the NVIDIA Partner Network is a significant development.

The Bitdeer AI Cloud, leveraging NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD with DGX H100 systems, is positioned to address the increasing demand for AI supercomputing. This service aims to facilitate advances in generative AI, large language models and other AI workloads, tapping into the rapidly growing public cloud platform-as-a-service market, which saw over 32% annual growth in 2022. This growth is being driven largely by rapid developments in machine learning, AI and LLM.