Bluesky Digital Assets Corp. announced that the Corporation had mined an implied and combined unaudited total of CAD 316,500 worth of cryptocurrencies for the month of July which was achieved via the mining of 3.35 Bitcoin ("BTC") and 65.23 of Ethereum. The implied valuations of the BTC amounted to CAD 142,545 and the ETH amounted to CAD 173,955 for the month. The Corporation averaged a daily mining rate of approximately 2.10 ETH and 0.11 BTC per day. The percentage split on mining was 45% BTC and 55% ETH. For further clarification, implied valuations are based on the booking price of the virtual associated crypto currency value at the time the mining reward is realized by the Corporation from its mining activities. Costs associated in the mining of the 3.35 BTC and 65.23 ETH for the month of July amounted to approx. CAD 65,000. The Corporation averaged CAD 10,200 per day in mining revenue in July of 2021 vs. CAD 2,200 mined per day in July of 2020 which represents an increase of 363%. The Corporation averaged CAD 7,815 per day in mining in first quarter of 2021 and CAD 9,465 per day in second quarter of 2021. The July daily average represents an increase of 30.5% over first quarter of 2021's daily average and a 7.7% increase over second quarter of 2021's daily average.