BRUSSELS (dpa-AFX) - The EU states want to vote on their position on the planned new Euro 7 emissions standard at a ministerial meeting in Brussels on Monday (9:30 a.m.). The new rules stem from a proposal by the EU Commission to regulate the pollutant emissions of vehicles such as cars, vans and trucks more strictly than before. Such pollutants include nitrogen oxides.

What is new, for example, is that in the future substances that are harmful to health, such as particulate matter, which can be produced by tire abrasion or braking, are also to be regulated. This means that electric cars and hydrogen vehicles would also be affected by the rules. In addition, the regulation contains minimum requirements for the service life of electric car batteries and sets stricter requirements for how long vehicles should last.

There has also been criticism of the plan. The auto industry, for example, as well as the German Environment Ministry, had criticized the fact that the new requirements would come into force too quickly according to the Commission's proposal. There was also debate about the driving conditions under which the limits would have to be complied with.

After the EU member states voted on Monday, the new Euro 7 emissions standard has not yet been fully negotiated. The EU Parliament, which is also involved in the legislation, must also still agree on a position and, in a final step, a compromise must be found between the demands of the Parliament and the EU states./mjm/DP/he