MUNICH/STRASSKIRCHEN (dpa-AFX) - On Sunday, it will be decided whether BMW can build a large battery plant for 600,000 high-voltage batteries per year in Straßkirchen in Lower Bavaria. The approximately 2700 eligible voters in the municipality are called to the referendum until then. Voting ends at 6 p.m., and the result is expected a few hours later.

The fact that it comes to the citizens' referendum, has enforced the "citizens' initiative Lebenswerter Gäuboden", which is against the plant. The local councils of Strasskirchen and Irlbach, on whose territory the plant is to be built, had unanimously supported the planned settlement. Another citizens' initiative is also drumming up support for the plant, and of course BMW is also promoting the location.

The opponents of the plant criticize, among other things, that around 100 hectares of prime farmland would be destroyed for the construction. In addition, they say, the factory will generate a lot of additional traffic. The opponents are also not convinced by the jobs that will be created: "Every "high-quality" job at BMW means a missing worker at other companies," they say on their homepage.

BMW wants to supply its plants in Dingolfing, Regensburg and Munich with the batteries that are to be produced in Strasskirchen. Directly and with electric trucks via the nearby A3 and A92 highways. Board member Ilka Horstmeier recently also emphasized the signal effect of the citizens' decision beyond the plant: "Many companies will take a close look at whether people even want investment in sustainable technologies and in sustainable jobs in Bavaria," she said, warning that "once future technologies and jobs migrate, they won't come back any time soon, and a downward spiral begins." /ruc/DP/zb