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Vaprio d'Adda, 17 October 2018 - Bomi Italia S.p.A. ("Bomi" or the "Company" or the "Issuer"), the parent company of the Bomi Group, a market leader in the biomedical logistics sector and the management of high technology healthcare products, which is listed on the multilateral trading system of AIM Italia / Alternative Capital Market organised and managed by Borsa Italiana S.p.A. announces that the conditions precedent included in the preliminary contract involving the purchase of the development area of 33,700 sq metres in the municipality of Spino d'Adda in the province of Cremona have been satisfied.

Bomi will construct its new warehouse in the development area of Spino d'Adda, in the province of Cremona within 20 km of the regional capital, in a location that is at the focal hub of Bomi's core business and the main arterial routes connecting the North and South of the country.

The ONE ROOF 4.0 project involves the creation of a new fully temperature controlled Headquarters, capable of maintaining specific localised temperature ranges in different zones within the structure. The operating area of about 18,500 sq metres, illustrated in the following images, will be both a state-of-the-art logistics hub for the gathering together and warehousing of Healthcare products and a national and international transport hub.

The achievement of economic, social and environmental Corporate Sustainability is a cornerstone of Bomi's business strategy and the ONE ROOF 4.0 project is a full expression of its aims through:

  • Investment in automation and robotics

  • The realisation of avant-guard projects which are "tailor-made" for the Healthcare sector and control of Cold Chain logistics;

  • Investment in high-efficiency energy solutions, in the utilisation of energy from renewable sources and in improving the energy efficiency of its production plant;

  • Full integration with the principal transport hub and a general improvement in performance;

  • The optimisation of structural costs.

The Spino d'Adda warehouse, which will be operational by the end of 2019, has been designed to ensure the maximum energy independence of the structure, minimising consumption and therefore the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere.

The design provides for thermal insulation of the roof cladding and the building envelope, the presence of a photovoltaic plant and geothermic plant fed by groundwater for the production and utilisation of clean and renewable energy. The plans also include the creation of a "park within the company", with green zones equipped for the use of all staff and co-workers, and construction of a highway junction with the aim of avoiding traffic congestion in the town.

The efficiency of the plant will be guaranteed by the selection of avant-garde products, with performance indices that are amongst the highest currently available on the market.

The entire warehouse will also be designed with FM Global compliant structural elements and plant characterised by a high degree of mechanical resistance to fire.

The construction of the new logistics hub and distribution centre at Spino d'Adda will involve an investment of about Euro 14.5 million and represents an important and innovative step forward in the market. The project will be financed through a property construction leasing arrangement with Unicredit Leasing for Euro 14.05 million for a period of 12 years. The project will also be consistent with the latest principles contained in IFRS 16 (*).

Marco Ruini, Chief Executive Officer of Bomi Italia S.p.A. stated: "The ONE ROOF 4.0 project will enable Bomi Group to make a significant step forward towards economic, environmental and corporate sustainability. The new warehouse will be able to boast highly technological contents within an innovative and efficient structure, a uniquely valuable proposition in our core market."

(*) The most important characteristic of the new standard IFRS 16 is that it allows the overcoming, for the accounting treatment of the lessee, of the distinction between operating lease and finance lease introducing the new concept of right of use according to which both the asset acquired as a finance lease and the asset leased or rented are recognised amongst assets in the balance sheet with a corresponding liability also recognised.


Bomi Italia S.p.A. is the Parent Company of Bomi Group, a world leader in the biomedical logistics sector and in the management of high technology healthcare products. It was one of the first companies to receive the "Elite" certificate issued by Borsa Italiana.

Bomi Group's activities are concentrated in the integrated logistics sector and offer a wide range of logistics services in outsourcing to companies operating in the healthcare sector, managing distribution of medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, in-vitro diagnostic equipment, reagents and implant products.

Bomi Group's portfolio of about 100 clients includes some of the world's top healthcare companies (such as the leading pharmaceutical companies and producers of healthcare devices) as well as small and medium sized companies operating at a global level in the biomedical, diagnostics and biotech industries. Bomi Group currently has about 1,325 employees and operates through subsidiary companies and associated companies in Europe, South America, China and the United States and its services are also provided, through strategic alliances with local partners.

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