Bristol Myers Squibb announced yesterday that it recently became aware of an unsolicited tender offer by Tutanota to purchase up to 500,000 shares of Bristol Myers Squibb common stock, representing significantly less than one percent of Bristol Myers Squibb's outstanding common stock, at an offer price of $55 per share.

Tutanota indicates in its offer documents that it intends to extend the offer for successive periods of 45 to 180 days until the market price of Bristol Myers Squibb common shares exceeds the offer price.

Bristol Myers Squibb recommends that shareholders do not tender their shares to Tutanota's offer, as the offer is conditional on the offer price being below the market price for Bristol Myers Squibb's common shares and subject to numerous additional conditions, including Tutanota obtaining financing for the offer.

Bristol Myers Squibb recommends that shareholders who have not responded to Tutanota's offer take no action.

' Bristol Myers Squibb does not endorse Tutanota's unsolicited mini-tender offer and is in no way associated with Tutanota, its mini-tender offer or its mini-tender offer documents ' says the group.

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