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Brother Group Releases the Integrated Report 2023

November 30, 2023

Brother Industries, Ltd.

Brother Industries, Ltd. (President: Ichiro Sasaki) today announced that the company has released the "Integrated Report 2023" on its website, which integrates its financial and non-financial information.

The Brother Group releases the Integrated Report to communicate its medium- to long-term value creation to shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders from both financial and non-financial perspectives. Based on opinions we received in dialogue with shareholders and investors, this year's Integrated Report further expands the information disclosed from that of the "Integrated Report 2022" released last year.

The "Integrated Report 2023" newly includes the topics covered in a roundtable discussion on the Group's vision "At your side 2030," where employees openly discussed future-oriented initiatives to realize the vision that presents the Brother's raison d'être and value proposition to society. The report also includes the topics covered in a dialogue between institutional investors and outside directors on the progress and challenges of CS B2024-the medium-term business strategy with themes to be addressed in the first three years toward realizing the Group's vision, which were defined by backcasting-as well as initiatives to enhance corporate value.

The Brother Group will utilize the Integrated Report as a tool for promoting constructive dialogue with all stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, and will continue to improve the disclosure of information on its contribution to a sustainable society and enhancement of its corporate value.

  • "Integrated Report 2023" download
Main contents:
  • Message from the President
  • The Story of Brother's Value Creation
    Brother's History, Brother's Value Creation Process, etc.
  • Management Strategy
    Medium-term Business Strategy, Financial Strategy, Business Strategy, etc.
  • Strengthening of Management Foundation
    Human Capital, Intellectual Capital, Vision Roundtable, etc.
  • Corporate Governance
    Special Feature: Roundtable Discussion between Institutional Investors and Outside Directors, etc.
  • Financial Section
  • Corporate Information / Stock Information


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