At the 72nd ASMS meeting, Bruker Corporation launches the new top-of-the-line timsTOF Ultra 2 system with significantly further enhanced sensitivity for deep profiling of small cells, subcellular organelles, as well as increased sample loading flexibility. Together with new Spectronaut 19software and the novel PreOmics ENRICHpluskit, Bruker is setting new 4D-Proteomics standards from highest sensitivity to large-scale, deep plasma proteomics. The new timsTOF Ultra 2 delivers ultimate sensitivity of up to 50% more protein groups and up to 100% more peptides on just 25 pg of protein digest, i.e. only 1/10th the protein mass of a HeLa cell.

This makes timsTOF Ultra 2 the best choice to investigate immune homeostasis surveying low abundance proteins from small peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), or from bacterial cells comprising the microbiome, or for immunopeptidomics to discover cancer neoantigens from fine needle biopsies. New ion charge control (ICC2.0) software provides sample loading flexibility from low picogram amounts to about a microgram of protein digest. Bruker ProteoScape software now integrates Spectronaut 19 (SN19) software from Biognosys, the gold-standard for data-independent analysis (DIA).

Dr. Christian Isak Jorgensen, Senior Science Manager, Novonesis, Denmark, added: "OmniScape addresses a real need in the biotech industry producing recombinant proteins." Novel Acquisition and Computational Capabilities for 4D-Glycoproteomics: Bruker is introducing GlycoScape, the first real-time glycoproteomic software. GlycoScape has been developed in collaboration with the Radboud University Medical Center in the public-private partnership project EnFORCE led by Dr. Hans Wessels. The software can identify glycopeptides on-the-time protein sequence coverage.

Bruker is introducing Glyco Scape, the first real- time glycoproteomic software. glycoScape has been developed In collaboration with the RadboudUniversity Medical Center in the public- private partnership project EnFORCE ledby Dr. Hans Wessels [1]. The software can identify glycope peptides on-the-time peptides on-the-year-time glycoproteomic applications with low-medium sample amounts; Improved ion-charge control (ICC 2.0) method makes timsTOF Ultra2 suitable for a very broad range of sample loading, from low picograms to micrograms; New OmniScape??

top-down proteoform software for automated, near-complete protein sequence coverage from MalDI-ISD and LC-TIMS-MS/MS data; Biognosys launches Spectronaut® 19 (SN19) with optimized AI for further increased depth of protein sequence coverage; SN19 now specifically trained on timsTOF MS/MS for significant 4D-Proteomics performance improvements; SN19 now fully integrated into timsTOF Ultra 2.