(Alliance News) - BSF Enterprise PLC on Friday said that its wholly-owned subsidiary, 3D Bio-Tissues, has been making positive progress on the development of its products.

BSF Enterprise is a London-based investor in biotechnology.

It said that 3D Bio-Tissues is on track to produce and display its full-scale 100% meat fillet of cultivated pork, as well as a series of 100% new meat strips of cultivated pork, before the end of the first half.

Once produced, the products will undergo testing at a technical event organised by the company. The testing will involve data collection, inspection and analysis of the product in raw and cooked state.

In other news, 3D Bio-Tissues has also become a project partner at the Cellular Agriculture Manufacturing Hub led by the University of Bath.

The GBP12 million UK government-funded hub is bringing together leading academic and industrial experts to accelerate and solidify the UK's position in cultured meat production. 3D Bio-Tissues will be working alongside other project partners and supporting them by providing its cell and tissue-enhancing City-Mix products.

"We are very pleased with the progress being made in our Newcastle laboratory, as we apply the findings from growing our prototype fillets and strips to refine City-Mix our patented animal-free cell-boosting medium, and its application. We are excited to share this scientific milestone with the industry and market in the coming months," said 3DBT Chief Executive Che Connon.

BSF Enterprise shares were trading 4.4% lower at 16.37 pence each in London on Friday afternoon.

By Holly Beveridge, Alliance News reporter

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