BT Group, Ericsson and Qualcomm Technologies, announce that they have successfully demonstrated differentiated end-to-end 5G connectivity for consumers and businesses, via network slicing on Ericsson's 5G Core and RAN technology in the UK.

Conducted at BT Group's Adastral Park research and innovation center, the trial demonstrated how optimal performance can be maintained for bandwidth-hungry activities, including mobile gaming and video conferencing, even during peak hours.

The partners demonstrated, for example, an 'optimal' mobile cloud gaming experience on Nvidia's GeForce Now, maintaining throughput comfortably above the recommended 25 Mbps at 1080p, even when a background load was generated.

The trial also validated the potential of network slicing for BT Group's business customers.

According to Greg McCall, BT Group's Director of Networks, the trial is 'an important milestone' and 'illustrates the new services that will be enabled by 5G SA.'

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