C3 AI announced the AWS Marketplace listing of its no-code, self-service generative AI application in AWS Marketplace -- C3 Generative AI: AWS Marketplace Edition. On November 29, C3 Generative AI:AWS Marketplace Edition will be available under a 14-day free trial in AWS Marketplace via private preview to select customers. The value of C3 Generative AI: Marketplace Edition on AWS is its ability to transform work for everyone.

Through a streamlined, self-service, and no-code onboarding flow, enterprise users can benefit from generative AI and be more productive now. C3 Generative AI: Amazon Marketplace Edition offers a simple self-service setup that allows users to begin asking questions about their data in minutes. This new application is designed with an intuitive search and chat interface that allows users of all levels to easily and quickly find information with high precision, perform data analysis, and discover insights from documents and data.

At any point, users of C3 Generative AI; AWS Marketplace Edition can contact C3 AI to upgrade the application to get access to additional capabilities. Upgrades include the ability for users to: ask questions across multi-modal datasets in addition to unstructured data; perform complex reasoning across multi-model data; orchestrate actions or workflows; and invoke other purpose-built AI/ML models. Available since May 2023, C3 Generative AI is already deployed to customers across a wide range of industries including manufacturing, industrials, and defense.

C3 Generative AI is being used to improve safety protocols on manufacturing floors and equipment operations, and analyze technical datasets, contracts, and financial data. All C3 AI products, including C3 Generative AI; run on AWS and make use of AWS's powerful set of AI/ML capabilities and services, including Amazon Bedrock. C3 Generative AI; apply to be part of the private preview now.

AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on AWS. By combining foundational large language models (LLMs), deep learning retrieval models, and the C3 AI Platform, C3 Generative AI serves as a deep domain co-pilot to support information retrieval across datasets and improved decision making.