C3.ai, Inc. announced that Pantaleon ? the top sugar producer in Central America ? has expanded its commitment with C3 AI by deploying C3 Generative AI to improve business efficiencies.

Pantaleon first became a customer in early 2023 when it purchased two pilot applications ? C3 AI Production Schedule Optimization and C3 AI Process Optimization. As part of its transformation, the Guatemala-based company has been using C3 AI Production Schedule Optimization to plan their sugar cane harvesting process and C3 AI Process Optimization to maximize sugar production.

These applications ? including C3 Generative AI ? are running on Google Cloud and leveraging Google Cloud?s services and solutions at scale.

Pantaleon is also transforming work beyond the fields, using C3 Generative AI to manage and analyze documents for information retrieval and analysis. With such large-scale global operations, the company accrues a substantial amount of documentation, such as analyst reports, market forecasts, and service contracts; with C3 Generative AI, Pantaleon employees can swiftly find precise answers to their questions and pinpoint the originating document, even among multiple contracts with varied terms from a single vendor. In addition, Pantaleon is using C3 Generative AI to optimize the process to develop pricing outlooks; these are a crucial function for the sugar producer, as 80% of production is pre-sold before the harvest season begins.