CACI International Inc. (NYSE:CACI) is looking at acquisitions. Jeffrey MacLauchlan, CFO and Treasurer said "We have talked a little bit about the fact that we are starting to see a little bit of loosening up in the M&A pipeline, and we will continue to do the sort of strategically GAAP-based tuck-in acquisitions that we have done historically. We completed one on February 1, which was a human capital management business that took a skill that we had and took it to a lot of intelligence community customers where we did not have a lot of presence and it sort of filled in a nice capability for us there.

We'll continue to do those. There are -- some of it will be enterprise, some will be technology. But you can't talk necessarily about acquisitions without talking about cash flow in general.

And we're very focused on free cash flow and specifically free cash flow per share. And I'm sure most of the people that follow us are tired of hearing the words flexible and opportunistic, but we really are committed to doing that. We have a very disciplined return based analysis that we go through continually looking at the acquisition pipeline and share repurchases.

And I'd point out in the last several years, we've repurchased nearly $1 billion of our capital -- our equity capital base shares. So we have about $337 million, I think, of remaining outstanding authorization that does not have an expiration date. But we're well poised, again, to be flexible and opportunistic as we see the acquisition pipeline develop and as we see the market develop and as we obviously continue to generate cash".