Cadence Design Systems, Inc. introduced the industry?s first comprehensive AI-driven digital twin solution to facilitate sustainable data center design and modernization, marking a significant leap forward in optimizing data center energy efficiency and operational capacity. The revolutionary Cadence® Reality? Digital Twin Platform virtualizes the entire data center and uses AI, high-performance computing (HPC) and physics-based simulation to significantly improve data center energy efficiency by up to 30%.

The innovative platform will benefit data center designers and operators navigating the complexities of modern data center systems, particularly in addressing issues that arise from stranded capacity due to inefficient use of data center compute and cooling resources and in handling AI-driven workloads and their environmental impact in an age of increasing electricity scarcity. Data centers in the United States used more than 4% of the country?s total electricity last year, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA), and are expected to grow exponentially in the coming decades. The Cadence Reality Digital Twin Platform uses AI for model generation and simulation to accurately predict the external physical forces that impact data center operation, such as airflow, wind speeds, building obstructions on air intake and complications from internal and external temperature changes.

Key benefits of the Cadence Reality Digital Twin Platform include: Advanced Modeling Capabilities: Simulates a vast range of design scenarios and operational strategies to identify the most energy-efficient solutions unique to each data center. Environmental Consideration: Integrates external environmental factors into the design process, enabling the development of resilient and sustainable data center operations. Customized Reporting: Delivers automated, detailed reports tailored to the specific requirements of each project, facilitating a deep understanding of potential energy savings and efficiency improvements.

Innovative Cooling Strategies: Evaluates multiple cooling systems and their impact on energy consumption, offering insights into the most effective cooling solutions. Latest Cadence Solvers: Cadence Reality Digital Twin Platform is integrated with Cadence?s leading multiphysics solvers?enabling the same accurate, high-capacity, multi-domain engines to scale from chiplets to climate.