AvalonMiner 1246 test report by Cybtc.com
publish date 2020-12-08

In Sep.2020, Canaan - One of the top bitcoin miner manufacturer launched the newest generation of Avalon miner - A1246, in which the hash rate can be achieved 90T/s, power efficiency is 38J/T.

Now, let's see the actual review of this product by Cybtc.com.


A1246 is wrapped in a five-layer special hard packing box with pearl foam on the upper and lower sides, which has a good shockproof effect. All kinds of compliance information are printed on the packing boxes.

The integrated PSU is located on the right side of the miner. The box is made of new alloy material, thick and strong. It can be placed horizontally or vertically, convenient, and flexible for the farm.


From left to right, the upper part of the miner is respectively system RESET button, network cable interface, three-color status indicator light (red, yellow, and green), function button (FUNC), and fan power interface. There are two fans on the front of the miner. They are equipped with a protective cover to inlet the air from the surface. The interface of the fan's connection is four-wire (four needles) with buckle way.

The top of the mining machine is the controller. The controller adopts the self-developed K210 dual-core 64-bit AI chip, which is widely used in intelligent electronic devices. The encryption algorithm built into the main control chip can prevent viruses and theft.

Start mining

The A1246 is very simple to install, just connect with network cable and power. Turn on the power, the miner will immediately enter the working state, and the status indicator light will always be green.

There are two ways to set up the miner. The first way is to use the official cluster management software (supporting batch configuration). Software and manual download page web site: https://canaan-creative.com/service/a10.

The second is to use the Internet devices (mobile phones, computers) within the LAN browser into the miner background for setting. After the miner is started in the default state, the IP address will be automatically assigned, and the latest IP device accessed by LAN will be the miner. Open the browser and input the IP address of the miner to enter the background.


After the miner started, the hash rate quickly reached 90T/s in a short time, the fan speed was about 6800, and the average hash rate was 90.05T/s for a long time. The maximum hash rate is about 105T, and the minimum hash rate is about 78T. There is no big fluctuation in the long-running.

Under the normal working condition, the hash rate is about 90Th/s and the power consumption is about 3508W. During the stably running condition, the noise is about 93.1DBA at 20CM away from the miner. The temperature inside the miner is 31°C and the inlet air place is measured at 26.3°C. The outside of the miner is about 22°C.


With strong and durable made, and built-in power, Avalon1246 miner can be placed horizontally and vertically, that can be the use of space in mining farms maximumly. The high hash rate and long time stable mining create benefits as much as possible.

The one-step setting design makes an extremely simple installation. The batch of miners can cooperate with the cluster software, convenient operation, and maintenance.

The controller is built with self-developed AI chips, combined with the operation system, can automatically identify malicious viruses and prevent hash rate theft.

In short, the simple operation, the leading hash rate, and excellent stability of Avalon1246 miner bring an impressive mining experience. It should be one of the best choices of the bitcoin miner.


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