Innoveo announced a strategic alliance with Capgemini. This partnership will enable both companies to join forces and deliver innovative digital transformation solutions to insurance clients across various lines of business. Combining Innoveo's innovative platform with Capgemini's extensive experience in digital transformation, insurers will be equipped with the tools and guidance needed to accelerate their path to success.

The alliance between Innoveo and Capgemini will provide clients with a comprehensive range of services, including: Accelerated Digital Transformation: By harnessing Innoveo's full-stack no-code platform, organizations can rapidly develop and deploy digital solutions tailored to their unique needs, resulting in accelerated digital transformation journeys. Streamlined Application Development: Innoveo's platform simplifies the application development process, allowing businesses to build robust and scalable applications with minimal coding. This enables organizations to streamline their development cycles and bring solutions to market faster.

Industry-Specific Expertise: Capgemini's deep industry knowledge combined with Innoveo's full- stack insurance focused platform will enable the creation of solutions that address unique challenges and opportunities across the insurance landscape. Enhanced Operation Efficiency: The alliance will focus on enhancing operational efficiency by leveraging Innoveo Skye's platform capabilities to develop user-friendly applications that address the complicated workflow and back-end integration issues of the Insurance industry.