Simplify Healthcare announced a collaboration with Capgemini, a leading business and technology transformation company. Together, Simplify Healthcare and Capgemini are focused on helping Payers enhance operational efficiency, control costs, and improve member experiences. It will enable Payers to leverage Simplify Healthcare's market-leading technology and Capgemini's extensive industry expertise to drive innovation in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.

Key objectives of the collaboration: Deliver impactful solutions for Payers: Simplify Healthcare and Capgemino will jointly implement Simplify Healthcare's innovative solutions -- Simplify Health Cloud?? and Simplify App Fabric??. Accelerate data-driven decision-making: Harness the power of data, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and GenAI to improve Payer efficiency, quality, and insights, enabling better decision-making and positive member outcomes.

Drive enterprise business transformation: Leverage Simplify Healthcare's cutting-edge cloud platforms and Capgemini's advisory and deep expertise in Payers to deliver outsized business outcomes and foster digital innovation.