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End-of-day quote Australian Stock Exchange Intraday chart for Capilano Honey Ltd 5-day change 1st Jan Change
- AUD -.--% +0.34% +15.58%
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Managers TitleAgeSince
Chief Executive Officer 47 2012
Director of Finance/CFO - 2015
Chief Operating Officer - 2017
Members of the board TitleAgeSince
Director/Board Member 59 2016
Director/Board Member 62 2016
Director/Board Member 75 2006
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Capilano Honey Limited is engaged in the packing of honey for domestic and export sales. The Company's segments include Domestic and Export. The Domestic segment's products are sold to customers with in Australia for Australian consumption and sale. The Export segment's products are sold to customers outside Australia for consumption outside of Australia. It offers classic honey, kids honey, premium selections, pure manuka honey, and creamed and pot set. Its classic honey is available in various forms, such as upside down, twist and squeeze, and jar. Its premium selections include yellow box, red box and macadamia. The Company sells Australian honey within Australian market under the Capilano brand. Its products are used in dessert, breakfast, main meals, sides, energy boost and healthy alternatives, among others. Its recipes include honey fruit smoothies, mango smoothie, honey lemonade, spring super food salad, strawberry shake, honey minted lamb, honey joys and honey fig puddings.
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1st Jan change Capi. (M$)
+15.58% - $
+4.94% 35 619 M $
-9.55% 321 M $
+44.00% 11 M $
-15.84% 143 M $
-3.78% 102 M $
-17.76% 40 781 M $
+9.82% 16 414 M $
-28.84% 13 385 M $
-26.94% 12 442 M $
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