IAC announced leadership changes at its Care.com and Ask Media Group. IAC has appointed Brad Wilson to CEO, who brings more than 20 years of leadership experience at major consumer technology brands including HBO Max, Disney Streaming, and IAC progeny LendingTree and Travelocity. Mr. Wilson succeeds Care.com CEO and 18-year IAC veteran Tim Allen, who has been appointed CEO at IAC's Ask Media Group (AMG).

Both changes are effective immediately. Mr. Wilson previously served as US General Manager at HBO Max where he also oversaw global growth capabilities that supported the service's launch to more than 60 countries. At Disney he played a critical role launching Disney+, growing it to 30 million subscribers globally.

Mr. Wilson also played key roles at LendingTree and Travelocity driving record customer acquisition and helping position Travelocity for its successful sale to Expedia. Mr. Allen has led Care.com since its acquisition by IAC in February of 2020, significantly enhancing safety operations, accelerating growth not only in childcare but also in other categories including pets and seniors, and delivering new tools to improve matching of families and caregivers. Throughout his tenure within IAC, Mr. Allen has played key leadership roles at Vimeo, Ask.com and dozens more IAC businesses across search, mobile software and video.