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750.00 GBX -.--% +0.13% +30.21%
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Managers TitleAgeSince
Investor Relations Contact 65 1992
Chief Executive Officer 67 1992
Director of Finance/CFO 45 2019
Members of the board TitleAgeSince
Director/Board Member 73 2013
Director/Board Member 60 2021
Director/Board Member 67 1992
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CareTech Holdings PLC is a United Kingdom-based care and support provider for children and adults. The Company operates through four segments. The Adults Services segment is engaged in the provision of care and residential services for adults with learning disabilities, individuals recovering from mental health disorders, adults with autistic spectrum disorder, those with one or more physical impairments and adults with acquired brain injury. The Children's Services segment is engaged in the provision of assessment, residential care and education for young people with challenging behaviors, and those with behavioral and emotional disorders. Foster Care segment is engaged in the provision of foster care for both mainstream and specialist foster care in small supportive groups across England and Wales for children with disabilities. Digital Technology segment is engaged in the provision of diagnostic assistive technology to enhance communication and the independence of disabled users.
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