CarGurus, Inc. announced the release of the CarGurus ChatGPT plugin to help shoppers discover their ideal car match more efficiently. The tool integrates the power of generative artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance automotive search, providing shoppers a greater level of personalization and ease when exploring CarGurus' extensive platform of listings. With the CarGurus ChatG PT plugin, shoppers can now explore vehicle options on their own terms without being limited by specific search fields.

Through ChatGPT, users can input conversational prompts that are broad -- such as "Find me a fuel-efficient car under $25,000" or more specific -- "Show me SUVs near Boston with less than 20,000 miles" -- to prompt the plugin to return the most relevant cars available on With the top recommendations at hand, shoppers can then evaluate vehicle details by clicking through to the CarGurus platform. CarGurus has utilized machine learning algorithms for many years to better serve customers and optimize operations.

For example, AI underpins the platform's vehicle recommendation engine, its Instant Market Value tool, and on-site merchandising to create a more personalized experience for users. With advancements in generative AI, CarGurus will continue to evaluate best use cases as part of a longstanding focus on using the power of technology to deliver a more seamless and personalized experience across the automotive journey. The plugin is available in Beta stage to ChatGPT Plus subscribers.

CarGurus will continue to evaluating functionality of the plugin for opportunities to refine the user experience.