CarGurus, Inc. announced the addition of Chase to its multi-lender financing platform, expanding options for consumers looking to pre-qualify for auto financing from the comfort of home. Available nationwide, Chase joins CarGurus' network of participating lenders -- which also includes Capital One, Global Lending Services, and Westlake Financial -- to empower consumers with personalized vehicle financing information while enabling dealers to better serve the growing number of shoppers who prefer to arrange financing online. According to CarGurusconsumer research, over 70% of car shoppers want to handle more of the process from home, with the majority (56%) citing financing as their top desired online activity.

Data also shows that those who pre-qualify for financing are more likely to successfully complete a purchase, with pre-qualified leads through CarGurus being 41% more likely to close compared to leads that aren't pre-qualified or financed. Customers can pre-qualify for financing directly on the CarGurus website, gaining access to personalized rates and monthly payment scenarios within minutes with no impact to their credit scores. Pre-qualified shoppers can then review vehicles through a more customized lens, seeing their rates and monthly payments on listings available through dealerships that offer Chase financing.

Once a vehicle is selected, buyers submit a credit application at the dealership to finalize the financing terms and complete the purchase. The program is available nationwide through the more than 9,000 dealerships that work with both CarGurus and Chase.