(Alliance News) - Carnival Corp & PLC on Tuesday said Lars Ljoen will step into the role of chief maritime officer early next year.

The chief maritime officer for the Florida, US-based cruise ship operator oversees all aspects of maritime operations, its whole portfolio of cruise lines, developing strategic destinations as well as managing the company's owned and operated ports.

Ljoen will replace William Burke, who will be stepping down effective February 1, 2025 to take up a new role as external affairs advisor to Carnival.

Ljoen currently holds the position of chief operations officer for Carnival Cruise Line.

Prior to this, Ljoen was managing director of Carnival's Costa Group in 2016, the company's Italian cruise line subsidiary. Ljoen also previously led business strategy for Ceres Marine Terminals Inc and was director of marine operations at Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Carnival Chief Executive Officer Josh Weinstein said: "Ljoen is the obvious choice for this vital role, given his deep knowledge of our industry, his pedigree of success in key senior-level positions in the company, and his ability to consistently deliver operational excellence and business results for our largest global cruise line.

"Notably, his leadership during one of the most challenging times in our industry helped Carnival Cruise Line successfully navigate the operational pause and quickly reclaim its title as the world's largest and most popular cruise line - an important driver of our company comeback."

Ljoen said: "I look forward to applying my experience and skills to an even bigger platform to ensure the company's continued success."

Outgoing chief maritime officer Burke joined Carnival in 2013 after a career with the US Navy, serving on five submarines in admiral and command positions.

Weinstein said: "A lifelong champion of progress, Bill has been at the forefront of revolutionising cruise operations and our company's revitalised commitment to compliance, excellence in protecting the health, safety and security of our team members and guests, and safeguarding the environment...We're thrilled he has agreed to stay with the company as external affairs advisor, where his advocacy, knowledge, relationships and leadership will continue to have a global impact."

Carnival shares were down 1.8% to 1,016.00 pence each in London on Tuesday morning.

By Emily Parsons, Alliance News reporter

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