Bina Corp. and Al Karama Holding (the “Sellers”), the controlling shareholders of Carthage Cement S. A, have decided to sell a majority stake of a minimum of 58,2% and up to 78% of the share capital of Carthage Cement SA (the “Majority Stake”) by means of International Tenders to a strategic and/or financial investor who will have the capacity to manage and develop the Company. For this purpose, the consortium formed by ECC MAZARS, IEG TUNISIA – Corporate Advisory and Mrabet Avocats (the “Advisor”), is acting as the Exclusive Advisor of Al Karama Holding for achieving the entire sale transaction (the “Transaction”). The purpose of this Call for Expression of Interest (the “Call”) is (i) to inform investors about this Transaction, (ii) to describe the sale process, and (iii) to guide the interested investors on the prequalification document’s withdrawal. The sale process will be conducted in two phases: A prequalification phase and a binding offer phase open to all prequalified investors. Investors interested in participating into the sale process are requested to withdraw the pre-qualification document that defines the Transaction process and the pre-qualification criteria, from the 2nd of June 2020- 10 am CET at Al Karama Holding’s headquarters located in Rue du Lac d’Annecy, Passage du Lac Malawi - Les Berges du Lac - Tunis. The withdrawal of the pre-qualification document is conditioned by (i) the signature of a confidentiality agreement downloadable on the website of Al Karama Holding, and (ii) the payment non-refundable fees amounting to four thousand and five hundred Tunisian dinars (4,500 TND). Fees are payable by cash, by certified cheque to Al Karama Holding or by bank transfer. This Call for Expression of Interest is open to Tunisian or foreign legal entities. Interested Investors may act alone or form a consortium represented by a leader. Interested investors should submit their Expression of Interest directly or send it by express mailing (date as per postmark) to the following address: Al Karama Holding, Rue du Lac d’Annecy, Passage du Lac Malawi, Les Berges du Lac, 1053 Tunis. The deadline for submitting the Expression of Interest is set to: Friday 25th of September 2020 at 5 pm CET. The pre-qualified investors will be informed of their qualification on Wednesday 07/10/2020 and will be invited to withdraw the tender documents including (i) the tender rules with a draft of the share purchase agreements (SPA), (ii) the Information Memorandum and (iii) the Data Room rules. Pre-qualified Applicants will have access to a Data Room to carry out Due Diligence work. They will be able to visit the company's premises, meet its management, ask questions in writing and propose amendments to the draft of the SPA according to a schedule and terms defined in the Tender documents.