Castellum is divesting two properties to its tenant, Axis Communications, In addition, 18 smaller properties were divested during the year. The total sale prices is SEK 2.3 Bn. The sale prices are in line with the carrying amounts.

“We are pleased to be able to hand over well-managed properties to our tenant, Axis Communications, who has been a priority recipient of our finished properties at the Ideon Science Park in Lund. The divestment is in line with the company’s previous communication on net divestments in 2023 so as to strengthen the company’s financial position in a capital market that remains cautious,” says Joacim Sjöberg, CEO of Castellum AB.

The properties that are being divested to Axis Communications are Forskaren 2 and Stockholmsledet 8, corresponding to a total of approximately 51,000 square metres. The largest tenant, Axis Communications, leases around 70 per cent of the floor space. There are possibilities for further development at Forskaren 2.

“Castellum still regards Lund as a key growth city with major opportunities going forward. Together with our customers, the municipality, and other stakeholders we will pursue development of our existing asset portfolio, our early phases with building rights, and collaboration in Lund Municipality,” says Ola Orsmark, Managing Director for Castellum region Öresund.

“The transaction market is active in Castellum’s segment, but closing is taking a little longer. The sale prices confirms our carrying amounts,” says Kristina Sawjani, Chief Investment Officer at Castellum.

Properties sold January–May 2023:

  • Umeå: part of Aspgärdan 18
  • Gothenburg; Arendal 764:385
  • Linköping: Borgmästaren 2 and 11
  • Stockholm: Veddesta 2:37; Ostmästaren 2; Måttbandet 8; Räknestickan 2; Tunaberg 4; Täckeråker 2:227
  • Malmö: Noshjulet 3; Rektangeln 9; Påskbuketterna 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10; Kloren 1
  • Lund: Forskaren 2, Stockholmsledet 8

For further information, please contact:
Joacim Sjöberg, CEO Castellum AB, +46 8 503 052 00
Kristina Sawjani, Chief Investment Officer Castellum AB, +46 8 503 052 00
Ola Orsmark, Managing Director, Castellum region Öresund, +46 40 38 37 26

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