CDW Corporation (NasdaqGS:CDW) will look for M&A. During Third Quarter 2023 Earnings Call Christine Leahy Chair and Chief Executive Officer, "Yes. I would say on the M&A side, I think about that as a vehicle for investing behind our strategy. And you've seen us invest both organically and through acquisitions very successfully.

And again, kudos to the team for, on companies that we've joined with on both sides, for both moving quickly and creating more value for our customers as a result of those investments. And those have been primarily, as you know, along capabilities there are advanced solutions related, cloud, security, digital, things that you are now seeing really strength in the market and strength in our business. So we'll continue to look at M&A opportunistically.

And if it's the right fit, we certainly would consider moving forward is always on the docket. We're never out of the market. But I'll have Alex chat a little bit about cash position.

Albert Miralles Chief Financial Officer said, "Yes, George, I would just add. Obviously, M&A is always front and center for us. And as we think about our capital priorities, we're going to balance strategically where are the opportunities that are going to add value to us as well as the tactic where our valuations and where can we kind of best deploy our money.

So stay tuned on that. You can see that kind of we do have cash position in place, and it is a volatile and variable environment. So we certainly value optionality with respect to our capital in this environment.

George, to your comment about where can we expect, we're going to look across and we'll continue to look across the ecosystem of opportunities. Our last acquisition was Enquizit that was in the cloud space, mostly focused in federal. So you can imagine some of those revenue streams would have a higher concentration in netted down.

But I wouldn't per se that's part of our strategy. It's going to be more about the capabilities. So more to come on that front".