Celanese Corporation and Secarna Pharmaceuticals GmbH & Co. KG announced a research collaboration for the development of long-acting implants that deliver antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs). ASOs are synthetic molecules designed to target specific messenger RNA to prevent the production of proteins implicated in the progression of a wide range of diseases including cardiometabolic, central nervous system, oncological and rare diseases.

Antisense therapy is an innovative, commercially-validated therapeutic approach, but often requires frequent administration or the delivery of large doses to achieve uptake at the intended site of action, ultimately causing a high treatment burden for patients. The Celanese VitalDose® Drug Delivery Platform and Secarna?s proprietary ASO Drug Discovery and Development Platform will be used to develop ASO-eluting implants, which have the potential to lessen the dosing frequency, minimize off-target immune responses and improve targeting to provide better patient outcomes for a range of indications. The VitalDose® Drug Delivery Platform provides reliable, controlled-release performance and has a long history of use in approved parenteral drug products in the United States and Europe.

It can be tuned to deliver months to years of drug release and has demonstrated, stable ASO release over one year. Secarna?s proprietary ASO Drug Development and Discovery Platform enables the company to discover novel therapies for targets that are difficult to reach therapeutically with conventional approaches. With several high value and innovative programs, Secarna has validated its platform in various indications such as cardiometabolic, immune-oncology, fibrotic/inflammatory diseases and the central nervous system.