Gemstar showcases its capabilities through a newly-published Tech Note co-authored by Celanese. The Tech Note illustrates how Gemstar's partnership with Celanese has allowed Gemstar to manufacture premium fuel tanks using single-layer acetal solution designed specifically for rotational molding. Celanese's Hostaform POM RF delivers unparalleled toughness and rigidity, temperature resistance, wear resistance, and low fuel permeation while Gemstar's Robomold technology provides ideal precision repeatability necessary for highly-specialized custom parts.

This technology produces tighter tolerances, design flexibility, and high control that is unmatched in the industry. The innovative solutions provided by Gemstar and Celanese's partnership combine high-quality and EPA/CARB compliant products unmatched by its competition. The precise process allows for optimization of material and reduction of processing time by up to 50% compared to industry average.

These tanks can accommodate a nearly endless array of fuel types and the streamlined design is formulated through a single-layer solution, contrary to other options on the market.