The ISA Analysis Division is a collection of approximately 900 professionals, some who trace their career to the origins of process analytics. Every year, about 200 of these people gather at the Analysis Division Symposium.

Modcon Systems Ltd. and Cemtrex, Inc. participated in the 59th ISA Analysis Division Symposium in Baton Rouge, Louisiana which took place on May 4-8.

Modcon and Cemtrex had a booth present to display the new version of the NIR system and Mr. Tal Cohen, EVP R&D and BD of Modcon Systems, gave a presentation on "NIR Technology Used For Optimized Cost Effective Refinery Process Control". This topic shows that effective process control is essential to achieve refinery processes at maximum efficiency, maximum accuracy and at minimum cost.

It is undisputable that incorporation of on-line process analyzers prevents financial losses, caused by unnecessary re-processing or giveaways.

A sophisticated solution of NIR technology can be successfully applied in refinery process control and

optimization. Fast on-line analyses, based on correlation of NIR spectra with quantified multiple physical properties, guarantee compliance with the product specifications.

The uniqueness of this system is that optical fibers transmit NIR beams from the analyzer, in the "safe zone" control room, to and from measuring probes on process streams up to a distance of 2 miles. Multiplexing instantaneously measures different process streams.

Incorporated validation software ongoing verifies, validates and adjusts NIR analytical results according to laboratory analyses which guarantee continuous reliability of analytical data.

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