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SEQ_NO 2 Date of announcement 2022/03/03 Time of announcement 14:01:45
 Correction of the company intends to sign a joint
development contract with a non related- party to build
on land No. 37,Section 1,Wenquan Section, Beitou,Taipei
Date of events 2022/03/03 To which item it meets paragraph 20
1.Type of contract:Joint construction and allocation of housing units
2.Date of occurrence of the event:2022/03/03~2022/03/03
3.Counterparty to the contract and relationship with the Company:
Atami Hotel Co., Ltd.
4.Major content of the contract (including total contract amount,
anticipated monetary amount of participation in the investment, and start
and end dates of the contract), restrictive covenants, and other important
terms and conditions:
(1)Landmarking:the land in No. 37, Section 1, Wenquan Section,
 Beitou District, Taipei City.(2)Area of land: 640.695 Taiwanese ping.
(3)Distribution ratio:(a)House:Landlord/Builder(the Company)=55%/45%
(b)Parking space:Landlord/Builder(the Company)=55%/45%
(c)anticipated monetary amount of participation in the
investment:abount NTD1.22 billion
5.Name of the professional appraisal firm or company and its
appraisal opinion:
Time is urgent,make up the event.
6.Name of the real property appraiser:
Time is urgent,make up the event.
7.Practice certificate number of the real property appraiser:
Time is urgent,make up the event.
8.Concrete purpose of the acquisition:
Development and construction for sale.
9.Any dissenting opinions of directors to the present transaction:NA
10.Whether the counterparty of the current transaction is a related party:No.
11.Date of the board of directors resolution:NA
12.Date of ratification by supervisors or approval by
the audit committee:NA
13.The appraisal report has a limited price, specific price,
or special price:No.
14.An appraisal report has not yet been obtained:Yes
15.Reason for an appraisal report not being obtained:
Time is urgent,make up the event.
16.Reason for any significant discrepancy with the appraisal reports and
opinion of the CPA:N/A
17.Name of the CPA firm:N/A
18.Name of the CPA:N/A
19.Practice certificate number of the CPA:N/A
20.Any other matters that need to be specified:
According to authorization method of
the Company,the case only needs to be decided by the chairman.
The transaction price is NT$38.45 million as the joint venture
performance bond,the area is about 640.695 ping,NT$60,000
per ping.


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