??On Aug. 14, Liu Qi, deputy director of National Energy Administration, and Shi Lishan, deputy director of New Energy & Renewable Energy Department of National Energy Administration came to inspect Longyuan?s Yangbajing New Energy Base in Tibet. Mi Shuhua, deputy GM and member of the Party Leadership Group of China Guodian Corporation, and Zhang Yuan, deputy GM of China Longyuan Power accompanied them during the inspection.

??Liu Qi and his entourage inspected Longyuan?s Yangbajing Geothermal Power Generation Demonstration Project with the technology of double-screw expanding power machine as well as its Yangbajing 10MW PV Power Station. He asked in detail about the investment scale, generation and operation of the equipment of the geothermal turbines and PV power station. He affirmed Longyuan?s development in Tibet and required the company to continue make full use of its advantages in wind power, solar power and geothermal power so as to actively promote the exploitation and construction of the new energy in Tibet.

??On Aug. 15, Mi Shuhua and Zhang Yuan attended the Symposium on Hydro Power in Tibet at which Mi Shuhua made an important speech on behalf of China Guodian Power.

??He introduced China Guodian Corporation?s exploitation of hydro power and new energy in Tibet and gave guidance to the future exploitation of new energy. He pointed out that as an important strategic energy reserve base and ?West to East? energy consecutive base, Tibet had plenty hydro resources as well as new energies. Therefore, it had great development potential. He also required that China Longyuan Power start the research on new technologies concerning solar power and wind power as quickly as possible. The company should first set up demonstration wind farm in Naqu region in which wind measuring had already been launched so as to accumulate experience of wind turbine's performance as well as its construction and operation in high altitude regions.

??By Long Hang from Longyuan Tibet