The board of directors of China Ruyi Holdings Limited announced that following the launch of The War of Three Kingdoms the Group's first game, on 26 May 2022, the Group's Jingxiu Games has launched Chuanqi Tianxia on 26 July 2022, which is the first massive multiplayer online role-playing mobile game under the Chuanqi series. Chuanqi Tianxia is endorsed by Jordan Chan Siu-Chun, a famous singer and actor, with Li Naiwen, a famous actor, Collin Chou, a famous actor, and Zhou Xiaoou, a famous singer, jointly acting as celebrity referrers. Chuanqi Tianxia is an officially licensed mobile game of the Chuanqi series developed using the Unreal Engine 4 (UE4).

With four years of dedicated effort, Chuanqi Tianxia has been carefully crafted under the close collaboration within the game client development team. The game not only inherits the traditional gameplay and classic elements of the Chuanqi series, but also substantially enriches the game content and delivers cross-generation upgrades to the graphics based on the core gameplay. Benefited from the Unreal Engine 4, the leading engine in the industry, the game manages to present an exquisite ecological environment and realistic character models.

Coupling with brand new skill effects and shared-screen multiplayer game experience, Chuanqi Tianxia is committed to deliver players the most enjoyable siege battle experience with its Gongsha gameplay which involves gate breaking, flag capturing and castle fighting. The game is exclusively distributed by the Group. It is also the second game officially launched by the Group after entering into in-depth cooperation with Tencent Group in the game business field.

Through downloading the game via WeChat/Weixin, QQ Game Center, App Store, official website, oppo, vivo and other means, players can readily enjoy the game anytime, anywhere. Chuanqi Tianxia is the second game launched by the Group since it tapped into the gaming business. It is expected that the Group will continue to strive to secure more quality game projects in the future, and such projects are expected to launch in the next two years.

The management will continue its efforts to further develop its game businesses to enrich the game business segment.