On June 17, 2020, China Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd. (SHSE:600158) closed the transaction. The company issued 45,288,811 shares at a price of CNY 11.58 per share for gross proceeds CNY 537,125,298.46. The transaction included participation from Forever Premier Capital Management Limited for 4,553,119 shares for CNY 53,999,991.34, Huajian Sports Holding Group Co., Ltd 4,553,119 shares for CNY 53,999,991.34, Knight Investment Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. for 9,190,556 shares for CNY 108,999,994.16, Yinhua Fund Management Co. Ltd. for 13,659,359 shares for CNY 161,999,997.74, Fujian Surplus Asset Management Co., Ltd. for 4,553,119 shares for CNY 53,999,991.34, Wang Tao for 6,661,044 shares for CNY 78,999,981.84, Yan Han for 1,112,984 shares for CNY 13,199,990.24, Ni Hantao for 1,005,511 shares for CNY 11,925,360.46. The company has received Net proceeds of CNY 522,427,185.25. The shares have a lockup period of 12 months.