The board of directors of Choppies Enterprises Limited (BSM:CHOPPIES) (?Board?) hereby advised all shareholders that the Company has entered into discussions regarding a possible sale of 100% of the issued shares in Mediland Health Care Distributors Proprietary Limited (Mediland) for cash (?Possible Sale?), which, if successfully concluded, could have an impact on the Company?s share price. Mediland is engaged in the distribution of diagnostic medical equipment and consumables, as well as distribution of pharmaceutical products. The Possible Sale, which is subject to certain conditions, is aligned to the strategic intent of Choppies to focus on retail.

Shareholders are cautioned that there is no certainty at this stage that the discussions will lead to a formal transaction, although unconditional approval has been given by the Consumer and Competition Authority. Accordingly, shareholders are advised to exercise caution when trading in their Choppies shares until a further announcement is made. The Company has a primary listing on the BSE and a secondary listing on the JSE.