(Alliance News) - Circle Spa announced Thursday that it has signed a major new contract with a leading European

European intermodal and terminal operator.

The group, which specializes in the analysis and development of products for the innovation and digitization of the port and intermodal logistics sectors, will supply the innovative Milos TOS and Milos MTO suites, designed to make the management of logistics and terminal activities more effective thanks to a modular approach and capable of ensuring interoperability with the information systems of the Client and other stakeholders involved in the transport flow.

The value of the contract is more than EUR200,000 and the duration of the assignment is 12 months, plus

a five-year contract for ancillary services worth approximately EUR20,000 annually, subject to

further developments.

Circle on Thursday closed 0.9 percent in the red at EUR5.60 per share.

By Claudia Cavaliere, Alliance News reporter

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