(Alliance News) - Circle Spa announced Monday that it has launched two new integrated digital solutions for supply chain planning, optimization and control.

These are MTO Planning Optimization and Best Trucker Selection, part of Milos Intelligence services, whose production value in 2023-2024 is expected to be around EUR1.0 million.

"Newly launched on the market, these two services offer transport operators a valuable aid to make, at any time, the best operational and strategic decisions, materializing remarkable results in terms of increased efficiency," the company points out in a note.

More specifically, MTO Planning Optimization is designed for multimodal transport operators who need to streamline the management of First and Last Mile road trips, evaluating the effectiveness in terms of cost, time, distance traveled and environmental savings, of possible triangulations.

Another solution is Best Trucker Selection, thanks to which, through a customized dashboard, it is possible to generate a sort of "ranking" of the best carriers to deploy on the route in relation to selected key performance indicators, thus examining different forecast scenarios in a data-driven logic.

"This that we are announcing today is another milestone in the history of our group; after years of research and development, we can offer supply chain operators a set of federated services that have already been extensively tested and are concretely useful in operational management, making Optimization, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence no longer abstract concepts, but everyday efficiency supports," says Luca Abatello, president & CEO of Circle Group.

Circle's stock closed Monday 1.8 percent in the red at EUR5.45 per share.

By Chiara Bruschi, Alliance News reporter

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