(Alliance News) - Circle Spa announced Thursday that it has been selected by a leading European operator to support the development of innovative airport, multimodal and customs digital services.

Circle Group will support the client for the nine-month duration of the contract, which is worth more than EUR130,000.

"The new contract and project are a further advancement within the Connect 4 Agile Growth roadmap that aims to connect all Supply Chain stakeholders in a digital, green and federated logic," the company explained.

"Thanks to the union of airport, multimodal and customs procedures, it will be possible to improve the process of transferring goods on arrival and departure, allowing the owner or person in charge of the goods and their shipping, logistics and transport partners to transfer the latter in a simplified, efficient and optimized way," explained Luca Abatello, CEO & president of Circle. Multimodal customs procedures thus become even more flexible and efficiency and real-time tracking an everyday reality."

Circle's stock closed Thursday down 0.4 percent at EUR4.68 per share.

By Giuseppe Fabio Ciccomascolo, Alliance News senior reporter

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