Cisco is embracing artificial intelligence (AI) to protect AI infrastructure from cyber attacks, addressing one of the major issues of our time when AI is increasingly being used for malicious purposes. The company has launched Cisco Hypershield, described as one of Cisco's most significant advances in cyber security in four decades. This innovation aims to rethink security on an unprecedented scale, enabling cyber threats to be countered in an automated way, in the face of the speed with which vulnerabilities are exploited by hackers, now reduced to days or even hours.

In partnership with NVIDIA, Cisco is exploiting technological advances in hardware acceleration and AI to develop advanced defences. Hypershield offers rapid protection for out-of-date infrastructures, crucial for the security of key sectors such as hospitals and financial institutions. Introduced for the first time in the UK, Hypershield has been welcomed as a major innovation by leading IT security executives, highlighting its uniqueness in the market.

Hypershield will be priced on a workload basis, with availability scheduled for August. Cisco aims to reach a broad market, targeting a large number of customers quickly. The company is also emphasising the importance of human supervision in defending critical infrastructures, allowing users to choose between automatic system updates with or without human validation.

Cisco is targeting all organisations, large and small, wishing to secure their data centres against cyber attacks, thus affirming its position as a leader in the provision of cybersecurity solutions on a global scale.

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