Cobra Resources plc announced that preliminary results from recent sonic core drilling at the Boland ionic rare earths ("REE") prospect further demonstrate that the discovery could be a world class source of magnet and heavy rare earths. Cobra confirmed ionic REE metallurgical recoveries at Boland in 2023 and recent sonic core drilling has provided greater geological detail which confirms the Company's thesis that grade concentrations are high, mineralisation is amenable to low-cost extraction via in situ recovery ("ISR"), and the discovery has exceptional province scale potential. Results demonstrate: High grade concentrations across three zones of mineralisation; High grades in geological formations with high permeabilities amenable to ISR; Modelled mineralised units support exceptional scale.

These results will validate and refine the model with the aim of supporting a near term maiden mineral resource estimation; Next steps: Samples are being prepared for mineralogy studies to understand the adsorption characteristics of REEs; Sieve sizes are being assayed to understand distribution of REEs; A total of 233 historic pulp samples from the greater Boland target area have been submitted for re-analysis to validate the model of mineralised geological formations; A total of five holes were drilled, cased, and screened with slotted PVC screens. Drilling techniques; Drill type (eg core, reverse circulation, open-hole hammer, rotary air blast, auger, Bangka, sonic, etc) and details (eg core diameter, triple or standard tube, depth of diamond tails, face-sampling bit or other type, whether core is oriented and if so, by what method, etc). 2023; Drilling completed by Bullion Drilling Pty Ltd. using 5 3/4" reverse circulation drilling techniques from a Schramm T685WS rig with an auxiliary compressor; Drilling completed by Bullions Drilling Pty Ltd. use 5 3/4" reverse distribution drilling techniques from a SchramM T685WS rig with an Aux compressor; Drilling completed by McLeod Drilling Pty Ltd. Using 75.7 mm NQ air core drilling techniques from an ALMET Aircore rig mounted on a Toyota Landcruiser 6x6 and a 200psi, 400cfm Sullair compressor.

2024; Sonic Core drilling completed Star Drilling using 4" core with a SDR12 drill rig. Holes were reamed to 6" or 8" to enable casing and screens to be installed Drill sample recovery; Method of recording and assessing core and chip sample recoveries and results assessed; Method of recording and assessing Core and chip sample recoveries and Results assessed; andilling completed by Bullion Dr drilling completed by Bullion Drilling completed by BullionDrilling Pty Ltd. using 5 3/4" Reverse circulation drilling techniques from a Schamm T685WS rig with a auxiliary compressor; Sample recovery f or RC was generally good. Location of data points; Accuracy and quality of surveys used to locate drill holes (collar and down-hole surveys), trenches, mine workings and other locations used in Mineral Resource estimation.

Pre 2021; Collar locations were pegged using DGPS to an accuracy of +/-0.5 m; Downhole surveys have been completed for deeper RC and diamond drillholes; Collars have been picked up in a variety of coordinate systems but have all been converted to MGA 94 Zone 53. Samples were packaged in zip tied polyweave bags in bundles of 5 samples at the drill rig and transported in larger bulka bags by batch while being transported; On-ground exploration completed prior to Andromeda Metals, and the Company's exploration programme is designed to demonstrate the project's commercial advantage as company continue to define scale, grade upside, and highlight the value of ISR.