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The CLH Group and the Promotion Institute of the Region of Murcia present the Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

o The winners are the companies Movisensor, Dronica Servicios Aéreos and Winged Minds

The chairman of the CLH Group, José Luis López de Silanes, and the regional minister of Employment, Universities and Business of the Region of Murcia, Juan Hernández, today presented the INFO‐CLH Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, aimed at acknowledging the three best entrepreneurial projects in the Region of Murcia and contributing to their development and consolidation.

During the award ceremony, the chairman of the CLH Group congratulated the winners and offered some advice on how to consolidate their entrepreneurial adventure: "Let yourselves be guided by your passion, your team work spirit and your effort. This is the only way to succeed in your projects, which will in turn make you feel extremely happy and fulfilled."

López de Silanes also highlighted the amount of "over 22 million euros" invested by CLH in the Region of Murcia since 2007 and mentioned the ambitious international expansion programme currently being carried out by the company, which is already present in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Oman.

First prize was awarded to Movisensor, a company that has created Sensor Truck, a protection system for industrial vehicles which, thanks to proximity and light sensors, can prevent diesel, battery or goods thefts and even detect the presence of stowaways. The system consists of a variable number of wireless devices that can be located in different parts of the vehicle and managed from a mobile application.

The assessment committee presented second prize to Dronica Servicios Aéreos S.L., a company focused on drones controlled by qualified pilots offering solutions tailored to the needs of each customer with regard to agriculture, industrial inspections, topography or 3D modelling.

Finally, the third prize went to Winged Minds, a company that engages in developing applications based on virtual reality and augmented reality for all kinds of devices. Among other creations, they have developed a video game called "Citadel", which is characterised by an innovative use of virtual reality and a real and interactive experience offered to users.

The three winning projects were chosen from amongst the winners of the Entrepreneur of the Month distinction granted by the Promotion Institute of the Region of Murcia (in Spanish, Instituto de Fomento, or INFO) each month over the last year.

Entrepreneurship Support Policy

The collaboration between the CLH Group and INFO is part of the company's Entrepreneurship Support Policy, which strives to contribute to the development of innovative projects and the fostering of entrepreneurial spirit. This policy is applied nationwide, and is particularly relevant in the communities in which the company is present.

As part of this policy, CLH has signed agreements to foster entrepreneurship with numerous institutions, such as Campus Iberus, an entity to which the universities of Zaragoza, Lérida and La Rioja and the Public University of Navarra, the Agency for Innovation, Funding and Internationalisation of Castilla y León (ADE), the San Fernando de Henares City Council and Carlos III University in Madrid.

About CLH Group

The CLH Group is the leading company engaged in the transport and storage of oil products in the Spanish market. In Spain, it has a pipeline network over 4,000 kilometres in length and 40 storage facilities with capacity for 8 million cubic metres, as well as 28 airport facilities.

Specifically, in the Region of Murcia, the company has a storage facility in Cartagena and some 50 kilometres of pipeline that connect this facility to the one in Alicante. Furthermore, its subsidiary CLH Aviación supplies fuel to the aircraft at San Javier Airport.

At international level, the company is present in the United Kingdom, through CLH‐PS, where it manages an infrastructure network composed of 2,000 kilometres of oil pipelines and 15 storage facilities with a capacity of one million cubic metres.

In Ireland, CLH Aviation manages the fuel storage facility at Dublin airport, in addition to constructing a new plant, which will multiply six‐fold the size of the current one.

CLH is also developing a major project in the Sultanate of Oman, where it has established a company named OLC in conjunction with Orpic, which is building a 300‐kilometre oil pipeline and a storage facility, expected to be operational before the end of the year.

Murcia, 22 May 2017

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