In recent years, COSCO SHIPPING Development has implemented thespirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on thepromotion of new industrialization by persisting in development led by scienceand technology and driven by innovation, focusing on the paths of digitalintelligence and green low-carbon development, and promoting the Company toconstantly expand the scope of application of intelligent manufacturing scenes,so as to build a benchmark factory for the intelligent manufacturing in theindustry.

COSCO SHIPPING Development has effectively implemented the Group'srequirements on the arrangement of scientific and technological innovation anddigital transformation, spared no effort in promoting various key work of scientificand technological innovation and digital transformation by conducting innovativeexploration focusing on "Intelligent Manufacturing" and "DigitalTransformation", effectively playing the role of science and technologyleadership and digital empowerment, thereby promoting the digitalization andintelligent transformation of the Company and facilitating the high-qualitydevelopment of the Company. Recently, the"Digital Design of Process" scene of Qidong Container Factory of Shanghai Universal, a subsidiary ofCOSCO SHIPPING Development, was awarded the 2023 Excellent Scene ofIntelligent Manufacturing by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology(MIIT), and the Jinzhou Container Factory was awarded the 2023 IntelligentFactory in Liaoning Province.

Qidong Container Factory has activelyintroduced a new generation of information technology, deployed high-end numericalcontrol equipment ,industrial robots and other intelligentmanufacturing equipment to realize the in-depth integration of informationtechnology and industrialization technology. The selected "Digital Designof Process" scene transforms the separated operation lines into a centralized and integrated production mode, enabling usto achieve intelligent production and information management, improveproduction efficiency, and guarantee product quality.

Jinzhou Container Factory has established anintelligent manufacturing information management platform for containers byapplying industrial robot processing technology, PLC control technology andinformation technology, and is gradually realizing the goal of containermanufacturing towards automatic, digital, intelligent and green development.

COSCO SHIPPING Development will proactively undertake scientific andtechnological innovation tasks in the areas of technological breakthroughsrelating to national intelligent manufacturing, pilot demonstration, etc.,conduct intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration construction work withhigh quality, strive to achieve technological innovation results that can be learntfrom and copied, thus continuously accelerate thepace of transformation and upgrading of the traditional industries to furtherimprove the level of intelligent manufacturing for containers.




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