Südzucker AG (XTRA:SZU) entered into a voluntary delisting tender offer to acquire remaining shares of CropEnergies AG (XTRA:CE2) from outstanding shareholders on December 19, 2023. The offer price per share is ?11.5 per share. The transaction is subject to approval by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority. The acceptance period of tender offer will commence in mid-January 2024. The delisting tender offer is fully backed by bridge financing of ?300 million from Deutsche Bank AGChristian Eichner of Allen & Overy LLP (Duesseldorf) and Michael Weiß and Andre Wand of Allen & Overy LLP acted as legal advisor CropEnergies. ParkView Partners GmbH acted as financial advisor and fairness option provider to CropEnergies Executive and Supervisory Boards. Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft (XTRA:DBK) acted as financial advisor and tender offer agent and Gleiss Lutz acted as legal advisor to Südzucker AG. As of January 17, 2023, the acceptance period commences today and ends on February 16, 2024, there will be no additional acceptance period. As of January 26, 2024, The Executive Board and Supervisory Board of CropEnergies have today issued their joint reasoned opinion on the public delisting tender offer of Südzucker to the shareholders of CropEnergies and recommend the acceptance of the offer. As on February 5, 2024, CropEnergies applied for the revocation of the admission of all CropEnergies shares to trading on the regulated market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Südzucker AG (XTRA:SZU) completed the acquisition of additional 10.541014% stake in CropEnergies AG (XTRA:CE2) from outstanding shareholders for ?105.7 million on February 16, 2024.