On May 6, 2024, Boots Capital Management, LLC an investment vehicle led by Ted B. Miller, co-founder and former Chief Executive Officer of Crown Castle Inc., issued a statement in response to the misleading investor presentation filed by the Company in connection with its upcoming 2024 Annual Meeting. Boots Capital stated that it has unequivocally stated it is not seeking control and is committed to working collaboratively with the Company?s board and new CEO, contrary to falsehoods intended to mislead shareholders. Boots Capital expressed that the Company materials make no reference to the board?s repeated rejections of Boots?

attempts to settle proxy fight. Boots Capital also stated that the Company Board deceptively blames Boots Capital for Board?s decision to remove new CEO as a Director. Additionally, Boots Capital expressed that insufficient board ?refresh?

has produced negative TSR relative to peers since 2020. Further, Boots Capital urged shareholders to vote on its proxy card for Boots Capital?s 4 qualified director nominees; Ed Miller, Charles Green, David Wheeler, and Tripp Rice, and ?withhold? on all the Company nominees.