On May 3, 2024, Crown Castle Inc announced that it has filed an investor presentation with shareholders stating that the Company Board and management team are taking decisive actions to drive sustainable and robust shareholder value creation, appointed Steven Moskowitz as the Company new CEO, who is a executive with extensive expertise in the tower industry, and the Company made substantial progress on a Board-led strategic and operating review of the Company's fiber and small cell business, as a result of these strategic steps, the Company is creating a stronger, more valuable Crown Castle. In addition, the Company stated that its presentation includes: 1) Company is taking comprehensive actions to maximize shareholder value, 2) Company?s refreshed, diverse and highly qualified Board of Directors is the right steward to oversee the Company?s strategy, 3) Miller?s demands jeopardize the significant progress and value creation already underway at the Company. Further, the Company recommended the shareholders to vote for its 12 board nominees P Robert Bartolo, Cindy Christy, Ari Q. Fitzgerald, Jason Genrich, Andrea J Goldsmith, Tammy K Jones, Kevin T Kabat, Anthony J Melone, Sunit S. Patel, Bradley E Singer, Kevin A Stephens and Matthew Thornton, III, at the 2024 annual meeting of shareholders scheduled to be held on May 22, 2024.