On April 19, 2024, Crown Castle Inc. issued a statement consistent with Boots Capital Management, LLC?s approach throughout its campaign, Ted Miller has again pursued a litigation strategy that is attempting to interfere with the Company?s critical strategic and operational initiatives. The Company stated that in his most recent motion, Ted Miller is seeking to prevent the Company from expanding the size of its Board, which the Board has recently done by adding Steven Moskowitz as a director at the time of Steven Moskowitz?s appointment as the Company?s President and CEO. The Company added that it has decided not to include Steven Moskowitz on its slate of director nominees for the Company?s 2024 annual meeting of stockholders to avoid the distraction and expense of Ted Miller?s litigation.

The Company stated that shareholders would continue to have the opportunity to vote on the Company?s remaining 12 incumbent directors. The Company and CEO Steven Moskowitz stated that they would continue to focus on advancing initiatives aimed at creating value for all shareholders.