On April 19, 2024, Crown Castle Inc announced that it has filed a supplement to the proxy statement for the Company?s 2024 annual meeting of stockholders to be held on May 22, 2024. The Company stated that this supplement supplements and amends the Proxy Statement to revise the list of Company standing for election to the Company Board and certain other information in the Proxy Statement, including the Company's proxy card. The Company informed that on April 10, 2024, it announced the appointment of Steven J. Moskowitz as its President and Chief Executive Officer and the appointment of Moskowitz to its Board, effective April 11, 2024.

Shortly after the announcement, on Friday, April 12, 2024, Theodore B. Miller, Jr. and Boots Capital Management, filed a motion in its ongoing litigation in the Delaware Court of Chancery seeking to enjoin the Company from expanding the size of the Board to include Moskowitz as a 13th member on the basis that doing so would dilute the impact of the Boots Group's nominees to the Board. The Company vigorously disputes the claims in the Boots Group's motion. Consistent with the Boots Group's approach throughout its campaign, we believe Mr. Miller has again pursued a litigation strategy that is attempting to interfere with the Company's critical strategic and operational initiatives.

Although the Company vigorously disputes the Boots Group's claims, Crown Castle has determined it will not include Moskowitz on the Company's slate of director nominees for the 2024 Annual Meeting to avoid the distraction and expense of litigation. Further, the Company recommended the shareholders to vote for only 12 Company Nominees: P. Robert Bartolo; Cindy Christy; Ari Q. Fitzgerald; Jason Genrich; Andrea J. Goldsmith; Tammy K. Jones; Kevin T. Kabat; Anthony J. Melone; Sunit S. Patel; Bradley E. Singer; Kevin A. Stephens; and Matthew Thornton, III. and a vote against a proposal by the Boots Group to repeal each provision of, or amendment to, the By-Laws adopted by the Board without stockholder approval subsequent to December 19, 2023, and up to and including the date of the 2024 Annual Meeting, if such proposal is properly brought before the 2024 Annual Meeting.