On February 20, 2024, Theodore B. Miller, Jr., on behalf of Boots Capital Management, LLC, and together with the other Participants, issued a press release concerning Crown Castle Inc. The press release emphasizes the commitment to revitalizing urgency, operational excellence, and shareholder confidence within the Company. Miller stated that he and the Nominees: Tripp H. Rice, Charles C. Green, David P. Wheeler, present a comprehensive plan aimed at optimizing the Company?s fiber assets, enhancing operations, refining the go-to-market strategy, and fostering customer innovation. Strategic Plan Financial Targets: AFFO After Discretionary Capex: Aiming for $2.2 Billion by 2025, Drive EBITDA Margin Per Tower: From 70% towards 75-80%, aligning with peers American Tower and SBA, Highly Sustainable Dividend Policy: Geared towards long-term value creation., Annual Interest Cost Savings: Targeting $330 Million - surpassing anticipated churn costs from the expiring Sprint contract, Target Share Price: Aiming for $150-$160 based on 2026 EBITDA projections, and Economic Position: Miller and Co-Investors hold a $100 Million economic position in the Company.

In addition, Miller stated that he and the nominees also urged the Company to put the Company?s coercive and disenfranchising agreement with Elliott Management to a shareholder vote.