DÜSSELDORF/REGENSBURG (dpa-AFX) - The state of North Rhine-Westphalia wants to offer consumers better protection when buying tickets for events. This is the result of a proposal by Consumer Protection Minister Silke Gorißen (CDU), which she intends to present on Thursday and Friday at the annual conference of federal and state consumer protection ministers in Regensburg and which is available to the German Press Agency.

According to the proposal, consumers should receive more information about tickets before they buy them, such as which provider sells how many tickets and which seat categories are available at which price from which provider. Currently, ticket prices are often only visible during the purchasing process.

Ticket purchasing complex and confusing

In addition, it is to be examined whether consumers can be granted a right of withdrawal when purchasing tickets online if important information, in particular the seat and price, only becomes known less than 48 hours before the possible purchase.

The purchase of tickets is becoming increasingly complex and confusing and is often only possible in very narrow time windows, said Gorißen. "I expect providers to act more in the interests of consumers. The market power of large ticket portals must not be allowed to lead to the implementation of unclear and non-transparent sales strategies."

More digital knowledge for consumers

Gorißen also wants more security for consumers when using digital products. This is the result of another proposal from NRW. Providers of e-mails, chats or telecommunications services should be obliged to take better protective measures at European level. This should make it easier to detect and stop malware designed to spy on personal data, for example.

NRW also called for digital participation - for example with more knowledge transfer to citizens via an information hotline. "Responsibility for IT security must not depend solely on the digital competence of users. Protection against cyberattacks must become a task for society as a whole," said Gorißen /jgl/DP/zb